5 Auto Window Tinting Installation Mistakes You Should Avoid

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You can choose to install auto window tints for your car for different reasons. However, it doesn't mean nothing can go wrong during installation. Without the help of a professional window tint installer, it's quite easy to make mistakes. 

The following are five typical auto window tinting mistakes to watch out for and avoid:

Purchasing Cheap Films

The automotive market has many brands of window tinting films, but not all are comparable. If any supplier quotes the lowest offer that is far cheaper than what most tint film suppliers on the market, be highly cautious. It may be a clear indication of a poor-quality tint product. Such films will fade in colour or peel after a short period in use.  It'll thus be better to spend a little more on high-quality tint films that are reliable and last longer.

Trusting a Vague Quote

When purchasing your window tinting products, scrutinise the given quote in details. Does it cover both parts and labour or you'll need to pay additional fees? Untrustworthy suppliers offer lowball quote outlines to lure potential clients via phone then upsell for a higher cost in person. Therefore, to avoid this, look for reputable auto film installers that provide accurate, straightforward quotes for the best window tints in your price range.

Going for Illegal Window Tints

There are local and state statutes that regulate the auto window tints allowable for various types of vehicles. You'll find different laws in each region, and it's essential to understand which ones govern your area. Always choose a professional installer who understands what's permitted or prohibited and offers guidance on proper tint installations suitable for your car windows. 

Choosing Inexperienced Installers

This mistake is common for most people but easy to avoid. Any auto shop without specialisation in window tint film installation is prone to make mistakes. For instance, they may use low-quality tints, misalign the film or install it with air pockets trapped under it. Hence, you can avoid this mistake by hiring a dedicated auto window tint specialist. 

Purchasing Window Tints Without a Warranty

Finally, another common mistake is purchasing auto window tinting without a proper warranty. A certified installer must provide a lifetime warranty for your window tint films and can even match existing glass warranties. Furthermore, choose a supplier who can provide installation warranty and a no-nonsense quote for professionally installed window tints using high-quality brands.

In conclusion, these are the five common mistakes you must avoid when installing window tinting for your car. To learn more about window tinting, contact a window tinting company in your area.

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