Why UPVC Double-Glazed Windows Represent a Smart Approach for an Older Home

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You may have been living in an older home for some time but are quickly coming to the conclusion that "old-fashioned" can often mean "inefficient." So, if you want to consider energy consumption and higher standards of living, the first place to look will typically be those windows. How can you replace single glazing with double glazing in a property such as this?

Why You Need to Replace Your Windows

Your current window frames and glass installation may be practical but not likely to be in as good a condition as it was when first installed. The frames may have started to degrade, and you may notice more of those hot and cold spots near some of the windows.

Converting Single Glazed Windows

Some people wonder whether they can use the existing frames but simply add another pane of glass. Won't they arrive at the same position as if they simply opted for double glazing from the start? While this is theoretically possible, it will depend if the existing frame has suitable extrusions so that an installer can convert them correctly. Still, those old frames are not likely to be in the best condition, and you won't get the same advantages as you would if you opted for a full replacement.

UPVC from Scratch

When you get UPVC double glazing installed, the contractor will remove the old windows and frames and start from scratch. You'll get an entirely new window designed to last a long time and with the latest sealing and design technology built-in.

Placing Your Order

If you have a large home, check with your installer to see how long it'll take you to replace your windows with double-glazed units. It may be possible to do this in stages if you want to spread the cost.

What to Do Next

You need to decide on the style and colour and then get the installer to place an order for the parts. Once they come in, it shouldn't take more than a few days to complete the work but remember, everything is done very carefully and with regard to safety. Therefore, the installer will not leave you with a completely empty window space overnight as the work goes on.

Why You Should Act

If you want to reduce the overall size of your carbon footprint and reduce your energy bills in the long term, UPVC double glazing is a sensible solution. Remember, your current windows will become increasingly inefficient as time goes on, so the sooner you take action, the better off you will be.

For more information on double-glazed windows, contact a professional near you.

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