Four Benefits Of Skylights

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If you're looking for a way to improve the light and ambience of your home, you could install a skylight. Kitchens, bedrooms, hallways and bathrooms are just several areas you could transform with this kind of window. Read on to discover several benefits.

Protects Privacy

Vertical windows can restrict privacy in built-up areas, forcing you to close curtains and blinds during the day, even in beautiful, sunny weather. In response, you may feel the need to turn on artificial lights that consume needless energy and that don't create such a welcoming atmosphere. But with an upwards-facing skylight, only birds flying overhead will have a view. You can forget about neighbours or passersby.

Gives An Unrestricted View

Unlike a vertical window, which can be blocked by nearby buildings unless you live in the country, a skylight usually allows an expansive view into the distance. The vista is upwards rather than across the horizon, so you can see a blue sky full of fluffy clouds, or the nighttime sky with brightly glowing stars. This endless view gives the room below a spacious feel. Additionally, the moving sky above provides a relaxing, meditative picture for you to enjoy, particularly while lying down in a bedroom.

Offers Control Over Brightness

With vertical windows, you can control brightness using shades and curtains, and you can take similar actions with a skylight. A diffuser on the ceiling will soften and scatter the rays, and you can cover it with automatic shades. Thus, you won't have to tolerate glaringly bright, uncomfortable sunshine. 

Provides Architectural Freedom

Because skylights sit horizontally on the roof, they even brighten up rooms without any standard vertical windows. This provides architectural freedom, whether you're renovating a home or building a new one. It means you could, for instance, design a bathroom in the centre of the house without an external wall. Instead, a skylight can channel the daylight from above. 

Additionally, the illumination from a well-placed skylight can create a more even spread of light, especially with the help of a diffuser. A vertical window, on the other hand, can lead to bright patches in some areas but keep others relatively dim. 

Extra daylight in a home not only creates a more welcoming vibe but can also reduce your lighting bills. A skylight protects privacy while allowing for distant views of the sky, and you can control the effect with diffusers and other means. Plus, you can renovate or plan your new home with increased freedom.

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