Choosing The Best Blackout Blinds For Your New Bedroom Extension

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Constructing a bedroom extension can be a great way to add extra sleeping space to your home without going to the enormous effort and expense of moving to a larger property. However, keeping out excessive natural light is just as important in your bedroom extension as it is in your master bedroom, and you should pick out some suitable window coverings for your new extension to prevent sleepers from being kept awake by morning and evening sunlight.

Blackout blinds are widely used in bedrooms and bedroom extensions, and are prized for their ability to block out almost all natural light, creating a dark, sleep-friendly bedroom at any time of day.

However, blackout blinds come in many shapes and sizes, and some are more suitable for use in bedrooms than others. If you are looking for blackout blinds for your new bedroom extension, keep the following important guidelines in mind:

Avoid Roman and Venetian blackout blinds

Roman and Venetian blinds are hugely popular for their ease of use and attractive looks, and many types are made from light-blocking blackout materials. However, Venentian and Roman blackout blinds are not ideal for bedrooms, as the spaces between their individual slats will still allow a small amount of natural light to enter your bedroom.

In well-made and well-installed blinds, these gaps can be barely noticeable. However, if the blinds are disturbed in any way (for example, by an errant cat or a badly adjusted air conditioning vent), their light-blocking slats can come apart, suddenly letting bright sunlight into the room. As you can imagine, this is not ideal for people who sleep during the day, such as night shift workers.

Make sure your measurements are accurate

Because avoiding gaps in your blackout blinds is essential for keeping as much natural light out of your bedroom extension as possible, you should also make sure that your new blackout blinds exactly fit the dimensions of the windows they will be fitted to. If a blind is too small, any gaps around the edges of the blind will allow natural light to enter the room, while oversized blinds are needlessly expensive and difficult to fit.

Don't be put off by lighter shades

For many decades, all blackout blinds were either black or another extremely dark colour. This is because traditional blackout blinds use single, thick layers of blackout fabric to block out light, so the entire blind must be made from the same dark, drab material. 

Recent advances in multi-layered fabrics mean that modern blackout blinds are available in a countless variety of colours, shades and patterns, with no loss in effectiveness. While they still contain dark layers of thick blackout material, this material is hidden by additional layers of decorative fabric, which can be any colour or style you wish. Blackout blinds in pale shades can help make a bedroom extension less dark and oppressive, even when they are fully closed.

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