Sliding Doors: Know the Types

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Sliding doors do not just serve their usual purpose but go further to offer attractive options for homeowners. When you want uninterrupted outdoor views, sliding doors make good alternatives. They also save on space. Often, homeowners with limited space opt for sliding doors, which can serve as both walls and doors. Sliding doors can also serve as room dividers. This is particularly helpful when you do not want to erect permanent barriers between rooms or when you want to create a seamless flow between spaces or with the outdoors. When purchasing the doors, here are some things you will learn.

The Types of Sliding Doors

Sliding door suppliers stock various doors. The first thing you will learn is that the components of exterior doors are different from interior doors. This is because exterior doors should be more robust, secure and able to withstand weather elements. Wood makes an excellent choice when making exterior doors. Interior doors, on the other hand, do not have to be as strong. Mostly, they are used as entrances to the balcony, the patio or rooms. Glass can be used for interior doors. Most glass used on doors is shatter-free and safe.

Where Do You Want to Install the Door?

As you will realize, there are doors suitable for small spaces and those for large installations. For closet or bathroom door installations, bypass doors are ideal. They do not take up a lot of space and slide open by pushing the door to one side. Pocket sliding doors disappear into the wall when opened. Other installation types include the patio, accordion, barn, shoji and French sliding doors. As the name suggests, patio sliding doors make an excellent choice for the patio or balcony though they can be used in other places. Shoji doors originally from Japan are made from paper and wood. They add to the aesthetic value of the house but need professional installation. 

How to Choose Sliding Door Suppliers

Checking what different suppliers are offering, the price, and any services they offer may help you make an informed choice. Most of the suppliers have websites, which makes it convenient to access what they have to offer. This also helps you to easily know their reputation and how they relate with their former clients. Check whether the suppliers help with the installation, but if they do not, ask for recommendations. Additionally, your budget and preferences will also determine the sliding doors to go for. 

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