Why Fit Aluminium Windows in an Office Building?

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Aluminium might seem as though it is a high-tech and modern building material, but the truth is that it has been around for about a century. The first windows that were framed in this metal were installed in some of America's early skyscrapers, notably in New York City. Modern aluminium windows still look futuristic, however, and they suit contemporary commercial architecture very well. You can see aluminium being used to frame architectural windows and glazed curtain walls all over the globe these days. What makes aluminium windows such a good choice for Australian office buildings?

A Clean Architectural Look

Aluminium windows are shiny and reflective. If one of the aesthetics you want from an office building is a reflection of the surroundings with lots of glazing, then the superior appearance of aluminium architectural windows will pay off. Of course, it is possible to use aluminium in its natural silvery form, but you can also powder coat or lacquer it if you are seeking a different sort of finish.

Larger Sections of Glazing

Because aluminium is such a strong material, it can be made into larger-than-usual sections for a window frame. In other words, you can specify larger windows using aluminium than you could with, for example, uPVC. In addition, the tensile strength that the metal offers means that window frame profiles can be kept to a bare minimum. Even when aluminium is being used to hold double and treble glazing fenestration units, it will not stick out as far. This means more light can flow into the office design, a good thing for the owner of the building as well as the people who will work there.

Greater Security

The sort of modern aluminium windows made today are incredibly robust. Few other types of architectural windows provide such a high degree of tamper resistance. They are hard to prise away from the walls they are fitted to. Even if an aluminium window is left open to aerate the office, it is virtually impossible to get past so long as it is properly locked.

Good Insulation

Aluminium architectural windows used to have a common problem. They would often heat up in the sun and transfer this energy inside. Nowadays, precisely positioned thermal breaks are added in the frames to prevent unwanted thermal transfer. This means that the office's air conditioning bills won't be excessive after they are fitted. Equally, such insulation methods prevent heat loss from the office during the winter months.

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