Answering Commonly Asked Questions About Leadlight Doors

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You might have heard something about leadlight doors and how aesthetically appealing or beneficial they are from relatives, friends or ads. Find below the answers to questions you may have about leadlight doors:

What Are Leadlight Doors? 

These are doors that have a section made from glass (small pieces of glass or small glass panels arranged in a particular pattern). The pieces of glass are separated or joined together by lead cames (metallic strip surrounding each piece of glass or glass panel). Most of the time, the glass is usually stained (coloured), but you can also have unstained (clear glass) leadlight doors. The glass panels or pieces can have different colours, giving a kind of mosaic artistic look. An image can also be stained on the glass; you can see this mostly in religious or artistic buildings.

What Is the Difference Between Leadlight Doors and Stained Glass?

The term leadlight comes from the lead cames. Therefore, for a door to be referred to as a leadlight door, there must be pieces of glass or glass panels separated by lead cames; that is the case whether the glass is stained or not. Stained glass doors are doors that have coloured glass. They can either have lead cames or not. Therefore, glass that has colour, regardless of whether it has cames or not can be called stained glass.

What Is the Benefit of Leadlight Doors?

The main benefit of leadlight doors is their aesthetic appeal. Lead cames offer the ability to achieve many designs and patterns using glass.

Leadlight doors also help minimise glass repair costs and work. For example, if someone throws a stone towards the door, hitting the glass, only one piece of glass would break; the other pieces remain intact since each piece is surrounded by a lead came. This means that you only have to replace one small piece of glass.

Are Leadlight Doors Safe?

It is well known that lead is poisonous. This is the case if it is airborne (in dust form and is breathed) or ingested (in water or food). As finished products, lead in lead cames is stable and safe since it cannot be ingested or breathed.

The only time this can be a problem is if the lead cames are repaired at your home by an unprofessional contractor. A competent contractor should take all the necessary precautions to avoid the emission of lead dust during a repair. This means covering up the repair area and cleaning it after repair work. You should also not be around the repair site without proper personal protective gear.

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