Are Double-Glazed Windows a Good Idea for Garages?

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Many Australian homeowners choose to upgrade their single glazed windows to double glazed units when the time comes to replace them with new ones. If you are purchasing new windows for your home, then it is highly likely you will also fall into this category and want superior products. However, some people will only purchase double glazed windows for their home and omit their garage window. If your garage has a window in it, then it can be tempting to stick with a single glazed unit as these tend to be a little cheaper. Why should you consider fitting a double glazed garage window instead?

Heat Retention

One of the main reasons that people cite for keeping a single glazed window in the garage is that they are not worried about thermal losses. Of course, one of the main advantages of any double glazed window is that it will prevent heat loss in the winter months compared to single-pane windows. Since most garages are not centrally heated, you might wonder why there is any advantage to fitting a more insulating type of window. The answer lies with what you intend to use your garage for. If you ever convert your garage to an extra room in your home or a workshop rather than a place to simply store your car, then a double glazed window will be beneficial. Even if you have no intention of converting your garage, a potential buyer might. As such, double glazing in a garage makes sense from an investment point of view.

A Uniform Look

If all of the rest of your home's windows are double glazed and your garage is the only place which has a single glazed window, then it can stand out. Although all windows tend to look the same on first inspection, it is easy to see whether there is a double glazed unit or a single glazed one when you get close to it. Therefore, if you want to keep all of your home's windows similar to each other, then it is best to have the same sort of fenestration units installed throughout the entire property.

Block Sound Out

Double glazing has a soundproofing quality which is much more effective than single panes of glass. So, if you intend to do anything noisy in your garage, such as sawing wood or playing music while you maintain your car, it can be a good idea to have double glazed windows fitted. This will mean that you are much less likely to annoy your neighbours when you are going about your work in your garage. It helps to keep extraneous noise out as well.

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