Types of Sliding Door Damage You Might Experience

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If there are sliding doors in your home or commercial space, you need to know the kind of damage that can happen so that you know when it is time to call a sliding door repair specialist.

Difficulty During Opening or Closing

This is the most obvious sign that there is a problem with your sliding door. It might be a lubrication problem or the rail or gasket that indicates the sliding door may be damaged. Contact a sliding door repair specialist to inspect the sliding door. Don't attempt any DIY repair; you might get your fingers stuck in the rail or gasket, which can be quite painful. You can also make things worse if you tear the gasket; a problem that could have easily been fixed could become a replacement problem, meaning more expenses.

Shuttered Sliding Door Glass

Most glass doors have glass panels. If forcefully hit, the glass can easily break. The repair for such damage is, of course, replacing the glass. Such repair work can be done by a glass repair specialist or a sliding door repair expert.

Stuck Sliding Door

It is not uncommon to find a stuck sliding door. Different things might be the problem, for example, the door may have expanded due to high temperatures, there could be something wrong with the lock or the rail or gasket could be faulty. Don't force the sliding door open because you could further damage it or injure yourself if the sliding door opens or shuts quickly and unexpectedly.

Such a problem requires patience and careful inspection to find the source of the problem. Sliding door repair specialists know this and will have it open or closed in no time.

Missing or Loose Screws

If you find loose screws, you can try to screw them back tight to avoid accidents or the screws falling out and getting lost. If the threads of the screws are worn and you can't seem to be able to fasten them, you might require new screws. Contact a sliding door repair company and get screws that are compatible with your sliding door. The problem could also be a stripped screw hole.

Damaged Fixtures

Fixtures like the sliding door latch lever can also get damaged. Let the sliding door repair company handle its replacement for quality work and genuine part replacement. You also want a latch that is compatible with your sliding door. The sliding door repair company will be able to pick one easily through experience.

For more information, reach out to a sliding door repair service near you. 

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