Top Features of Double Glazed Windows and Doors

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There are several reasons why homeowners equate advice on double glazed doors and windows to gold nuggets. Not only does double glazing keep residential energy bills low, but it also offers better insulation, eliminates outside noise, increases property value and enhances security. However, you only get to enjoy these benefits and put your hard-earned money to good use if you buy the right product, and this is where most homeowners fail. Simply because the label on the window or door says 'Double glazing' doesn't necessarily mean this is the case.

This article highlights features you should look for when buying double glazed doors

Air Gap

Single glazed doors have some of the same benefits as double glazed doors, mainly because of the glazed layer. Therefore, it is easy to confuse the two if you are not careful. The first feature that separates double glazed doors from the traditional single glaze is the air gap. The air gap lies between the two glass panes, and it provides insulation to the door. It is difficult to notice the air gap by merely looking straight at the glass panes. Tilting the door or window and looking along the edges is the best way to examine the presence of the air gap. You should see a thin line separating the two glass panes if it is a quality double glazed door. 

Magnetic Strip

Windows and doors are arguably the biggest culprits when it comes to noise pollution. Most single glazed doors don't filter out external noise even when shut tight. Double glazed doors are excellent at keeping external noise from getting into the home. This is made possible by a magnetic strip embedded into the glass or PVC channel. The magnetic strip attached to the window frame and on the glass pane creates a tight seal by eliminating gaps. This helps keep noise waves from getting into the home. Additionally, the magnetic strip also keeps cold air out and warm air in. 

Low Emissivity Coating

Double glazed doors are known for their excellent thermal performance, and this is all thanks to the passive and solar control low-E coatings. These are special coatings that minimise the amount of ultraviolet and infrared rays going through the glass. Low-E coatings manage this by reflecting long-wave infrared rays and in essence, heat. In some cases, these ultra-thin layers also reflect huge amounts of short-wave infrared rays. Low-E coatings appear reflective on most glazed windows and doors. This is the thin layer you should be looking for when inspecting double glazed doors and windows before purchasing.

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