Essential Accessories for Security Screen Doors

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The front door is the first line of defence for any home. The entry is visible to passersby, some of who might be burglars observing your daily routine and waiting for the right time to strike. Therefore, it is essential to keep the front door as secure as possible. Installing a security screen is a good way to add another layer of security to your home. The best part is that you can easily accessorise your security screen door for better service. Read on for accessories you can install on a security door.

Pet Doors

About 61% of Australian households own a pet, and the animals are considered part of the family. Unfortunately, most security screen doors do not come with a pet door. Therefore, a family member has to open the security screen whenever their pet wants to go out or come in. Doing this several times a day can be exhausting. Luckily, you can accessorise your security screen door with a pet door at any time. A pet door allows your pets to go out and come in whenever they need to while still keeping your home safe. Make sure the pet door is two-way with a magnetic closure so that your pet has an easy time going in and out without a problem. 

Screen Door Vacuum Brush

You might argue that this is not an accessory because it does not attach to the security screen door directly. However, how many vacuum brushes do you know of that are specially made with security doors mesh in mind? Probably not many. Screen door vacuum brushes are designed to work with security screens. The brushes are excellent at removing cobwebs, dirt, dust and bugs stuck on the screen mesh. Furthermore, they fit perfectly on most handheld vacuum cleaners, making them affordable. 

Hydraulic Closer

Standard security screen doors must be pulled shut so that the door doesn't remain ajar once you are in the house. However, you are bound to forget to pull the screen behind you sometimes and compromise your security. The best way to prevent this is to install a hydraulic closer at the top of your security door. The accessory allows you to open the door easily and close it automatically, thanks to the hydraulic mechanism. You will no longer have to keep worrying about whether you pulled the door shut when you got into the house. Hydraulic closers also prevent damage and injuries caused by banging the door behind since the closing mechanism is slow and delayed.    

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