Factors To Take Into Account When Selecting Exterior Shutters For Your House

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Although exterior shutters have been around since time immemorial, it is in recent years that more and more homeowners are recognising these structures as both a functional yet much-needed aesthetic element for any residence. While these shutters help with enhancing the energy efficiency of your home while simultaneously protecting your interior furnishings from UV exposure, they also elevate the overall appearance of the residence and subsequently bolster its value. Nevertheless, for your exterior shutters to complement the architectural design of your house, it is critical to ensure you select the right structures. Although not comprehensive, this piece highlights a couple of the factors to take into account when selecting exterior shutters for your house.

The style of the exterior shutters

The first step toward ensuring that the exterior shutters you invest in match the architectural design of your house is by selecting the right style. Exterior shutters come in a range of styles, but some of the most commonly found options include raised panel, board and batten, louvred and hybrid exterior shutters. Louvred shutters tend to be the most popular solution since this style complements any kind of architectural style. Thus, if you are looking for a universally appealing style to match the architectural design of your house, the louvred variety will be a great option. On the other hand, if your house is characterised by traditional or rustic architectural style, you could consider the board and batten variety. Overall, select a style of exterior shutters that is cohesive with the appearance of the house.

The colour of the exterior shutters

Choosing the right colour for your exterior shutters may seem like an inconsequential decision, but the reality is the wrong colour will detract from the visual appeal of your residence. Thus, you need to ensure that the exterior shutters tie in well with the colour scheme that you have selected for the house. Generally speaking, most residences will have a different colour for the exterior walls, the roof and an accent colour that is employed for the front door, garage door and so on. When picking a hue for your exterior shutters, it is best to lean toward the accent colour so that the shutters can stand out while still complement the overall colour scheme of the property. Conversely, if your house did not have an accent colour already, you should pick a complementary hue for the exterior shutters that differs from the exterior walls and trim of the residence.

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