Answering Commonly Asked Questions About Plantation Shutters

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If you are in the market for strong and aesthetically pleasing shutters, you might want to consider plantation shutters. The name comes from where they were mostly used in earlier years. They were mostly used in the large houses that were located in the cotton fields or plantations.

How Do Plantation Shutters Physically Look?

Plantation Shutters are made of wooden, metal or glass louvres that run horizontally. They are, however, in a slanting position to help you open and close them as needed, meaning that when they are shut, they lie on top of each other.

Plantation shutters come in a variety of standard sizes that depend on how big your windows are. If you have unique window sizes that may not be considered standard-sized windows, a customisation option is available, where plantation shutters can be made to fit your uniquely built windows.

The colour or pattern printed on the plantation shutters depends on the aesthetics of your home and your taste and preference.

How Do You Choose the Right Plantation Shutter Material?

The first thing you need to note is that you need guidance from a designer and a plantation shutter specialist. With their help, you can look at factors like aesthetics, environmental conditions, what you want, price, maintenance, etc.

You want to choose a material that matches the aesthetics of your home and still meets your needs. Your needs might be, for example, controlling the amount of air and light in your home as you see fit with durable and affordable shutters. You might also want some privacy, meaning in that case, you might not choose glass louvres, but wooden or metal. If you choose glass louvre plantation shutters, you may be required to add a curtain for privacy purposes.

Another thing you might want to consider is the weather conditions in your locality. If you experience strong winds that carry debris, glass louvre plantation shutters may not be ideal. They might break, leaving you with repair and replacement expenses.

Maintenance is also key because you neither want to spend a lot of your hard-earned money maintaining the plantation shutters nor do you want them to require you to clean them frequently. Fortunately, plantation shutters are low maintenance. If you choose wooden plantation shutters, ensure they are pre-treated and sealed to avoid damage from insects and water.

Are Plantation Shutters Expensive?

No, they aren't. The price may, however, depend on the material chosen and the size of your windows. Wooden plantation shutters might be more expensive than aluminium and glass plantation shutters.

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