Which Types of Blinds Are Best for Bathrooms?

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If you prefer blinds to other window treatments for the rooms in your home, then you may have several different styles of blinds throughout your home. Each room in a house has its own unique attributes. For instance, kitchens work well with blinds that are easy to clean for obvious reasons. And bathrooms are often moist, humid environments. So choosing the right blinds is important.

The following types of blinds can work well when placed in bathrooms.

1. PVC roller blinds for privacy and ease of cleaning

Roller blinds are great if you want complete privacy while using your bathroom. Because they obscure the entirety of a window when pulled down, privacy won't be a concern. And you don't have to sacrifice your light either because you can choose a semi-transparent colour that still allows ample light to enter your bathroom.

PVC roller blinds are also great for bathrooms because the moisture and humidity won't damage PVC roller blinds. You can simply wipe your roller blinds down with a cloth to keep them clean.

2. Aluminium blinds for rust resistance

Aluminium blinds are ideal for bathrooms for several reasons. For instance, since aluminium is highly rust-resistant, moisture won't damage aluminium blinds. And because aluminium blinds come in many powder-coated colours, you can select bright colours to give your bathroom a cheery atmosphere if you wish.

3. Faux wood blinds for moisture resistance

Some homeowners love the rustic appeal of wood but this material doesn't work well in bathrooms due to the high moisture content. Over time, the high level of moisture in a bathroom can cause wooden blinds to warp and crack.

Instead of wooden blinds, you can choose faux wood blinds, which are usually made of synthetic materials like PVC. Faux wood blinds will give you the rustic look of wood that you want while also ensuring that your blinds don't gradually succumb to the high moisture levels in your bathroom.

4. PVC vertical blinds for light control and privacy

Again, PVC is a great material for rooms that are high in moisture. And with PVC vertical blinds, cleaning them is easy because you can wipe them down easily with a cloth and not have to worry about moisture damage. Vertical blinds are adjustable too, which means they give you better light control than most other types of blinds do. This is ideal if your bathroom is usually somewhat dark.

If you are looking for blinds for your bathroom, consider these options and contact local contractors for installation help. 

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